Draper Tunex… I Finally Trust My Mechanic Again!

Just wanted to say your crew at the store in Draper are the best! Since I have moved to Utah, 6 years ago we have had to deal with bad mechanics. So bad we have hated driving our cars and when we took them to the mechanics they would tell me its fixed or that there is no issue so I would leave with the issue I came in with. One such issue was our van would shake and when the breaks were applied. We went to 2 differnet mechanics who said every thing was fine. One even changed out the breaks and no luck. When it was time to get the van registered I took out to your store in Draper only because I happened to be driving by. I didn’t realize I found my new favorite mechanics. I asked for a smog, inspection and alignment. I was greeted by Derek who was very friendly and helpful. When I asked for an alignment I wasn’t sure if I needed a 2 or 4 wheel. He said we can do the 4 and if not needed then we can change the price if it only needs a 2 wheel alignment. Sure enough I only needed a 2 and they made sure that I would only pay for a 2. They could have easily charged for a 4. I wouldn’t have known the difference. Talk about honesty! Then when they brought my van around I was expecting a here are the keys and your bill. Nope! Instead John came to the lobby and sat next to me and explained to me about the inspection, alignment and what they did. He then told me when he drove my van that he noticed the shaking I mentioned earlier in this letter. I never said anything to any of them about it. He tells me that it’s being cause by a warped rotor. I couldn’t believe it! I have taken it to 2 other mechanics and told them of the issue and they couldn’t find it… John knew from a quick drive what it was. What also impressed me more was he wasn’t pushy about having me have them fix it, just asked if I wanted a quote. I said sure and he looked it up and gave me a quote for parts and labor. I asked if it would cost anything else and he said “no, what I gave you is what you pay.” The other places I have used I would end up paying more than quoted. I took them up on it and the shaking has stopped. The van stops great and I paid about 20 dollars less than what he quoted because he rounded up just to make sure I wasn’t hit with any suprises. After 2 years, 4 sets of tires and 2 alignment adjustments, all it took was 1 quick stop to your Draper store, and we can finally enjoy driving our van again! Also when my wife came home from getting the breaks and rotor done she said she mentioned to them that our van some times sputters when the A/C was on. They were able to tell her what it was and gave her a quote. When she told me I instantly said have it done. I trust that they will get it done right. It will be nice to finally trust the mechanic again!