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Tunex Car Care 4U

Tunex Complete Car Care presents Car Care 4U. Join us on ABC4 Utah – Good4Utah Good Things Utah, February 19th at 9am to learn more about

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Tunex winter car maintenance

Winter Car Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a good way to prevent problems with your car, but it becomes especially important as the days get shorter during winter. Where to start? Look at the owner’s manual.

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moab easter-jeep-safari

Easter Jeep Safari

Well it’s that time of year here in Utah – it’s Easter Jeep Safari. We are finally getting to enjoy some sunshine, red rocks, and trails. At You Leisure’s Chad and Ria Booth, caught up with Scott and Tonya Huntsman on the Moab trails.

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Emergency Car Essentials

Snowy roads can be dangerous. They make it likelier than usual that you might end up getting stuck somewhere. If that happens, having the right gear in your car can keep you safe and comfortable. The following list contains some items you should definitely think about putting in your car:

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Prevent Car Problems Before Storms-

Prevent Car Problems Before Storms

Storm weather is unpredictable. Good car maintenance can minimize the impact of a storm on your ability to drive safely. Here are some suggested areas to check in order to make sure you are prepared when the bad weather hits:

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