Warning Lights

Tunex-Car Care 4U

Scott Huntsman with Tunex joined Good Things Utah to talk about the warning lights in your car and what to do if they come on.

There are two types of warning lights – red and yellow. A red warning light suggests that you should act quickly because the problem is serious, such as an engine problem, low oil pressure or a braking system malfunction.

A red warning light on the instrument panel indicates a serious car problem or a safety issue and should be checked straight away. This means you should stop your car immediately or as soon as you can to check out the problem or get help.

A yellow warning light means that the engine management system or the computer that runs the engine has detected a problem. Continuing to drive is okay, but you should take your car to a local service center for diagnosis and repair as soon as possible.

Scott says, “it’s important to pay attention to car dashboard warning lights because they can help you avoid a car breakdown.”

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